Competition Gurukul’s Wizards of 2016

Competition Gurukul, on behalf of its entire fraternity of Baluja Education Society, wants to congratulate all the selected students of Competition Gurukul in various exams conducted from the year 2015 to mid – 2016. All the students have shown tremendous effort not only to crack these exams but many of them have proven that one can create history by rock solid determination, shear hard work and meticulous smart strategies. ?We can rightly conclude that, “they came, they saw and?they conquered” what they wanted.

competition result vinal final

Competition Gurukul is the sister institute of Baluja Institute, Janak Puri. Even though Baluja Institute is engaged in providing technical education & training for past 18 years, Competition Gurukul has created its own niche in the field of Competitive Exam preparation and professional coaching in a very short time span. The main credit for this goes to Ms. G.K Baluja (Chairman & MD of Baluja Education Society) and the working staff of Competition Gurukul – both teaching and non teaching whose dedication, professionalism and dynamic work culture have helped the students to get what they required during smart preparation and quality coaching to crack various competitive and entrance exams – SSC, Bank, CTET, CLAT, LEET, NDA, HM, Polytechnic, B.Ed and B.El.Ed.

Words from Our Chairman & MD?

“Hello students and their respected parents. Competition Gurukul is a top class institute with world class infrastructure and extraordinary competitive environment. We have one of the best faculty in coaching field ?with years of experience and smart teaching methodologies. At Competition Gurukul, we cater for the quality of coaching and smart preparation which is a requisite to crack any competitive as well as entrance exam.”

image1Ms. G.K. Baluja

“Our classroom coaching program is well designed and tested that helps students not only to crack a exam for which they enroll in our institute but also lead them to achieve what they desire to achieve. Our this year’s result at ?various exams is a proof of it. Our both teaching and non-teaching staff works stupendously and consistently with total devotion to provide all beneficiaries of quality coaching to students. I feel proud to lead such a dedicated staff and the organization. I welcome all students of various exams to come and join our institute to get immediate benefit and desired result from the coaching”

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Get Quality Coaching for SBI Junior Associate (Clerk) Exam 2016. Get Registered For Fresh Batches


Competition Gurukul brings the special batches for the preparation of SBI Clerical Exam 2016 Prelims. This program was quite successful last year where four of the?candidates from our institute cracked the SBI clerical exam. This year we have made our program more innovative and result oriented by introducing new segments to our SBI Clerical Exam Classroom Coaching Program 2016. The important segments of this program are:

1. Complete Syllabus Coverage of SBI Prelims Before Exam

  • Quantitative Aptitude ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?- 35 Questions
  • English Language. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 30 Questions
  • Logical Reasoning ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 35 Questions

2. Regular Mock Up Tests of SBI Prelims Based Exam Pattern

Preparation without self assessment is a silly and foolish approach for a candidate while appearing for an Entrance Exam. Hence, Competition Gurukul has taken care of proper assessment of candidates before appearing for exam. The exam will be fully SBI Prelims Based with wieghtage of 100 Marks

3. Proper Concept Development Sessions

Two months coaching before a prelims exam seems a short time for candidate to get their concepts cleared. But, Competition Gurukul has felt the importance of concept development as a path to success. So, we have arranged classes of extra hours to work on the concept building of SBI Prelims exam appearing candidates

4. Weekend Doubt Session Classes?

It’s impossible to imagine candidates facing zero doubt while preparing for Entrance Exam. Competition Gurukul feels that no doubts will be carried to Exam center along with candidate. Hence, we have arranged long hours doubt session on weekends so that candidates can come up with lots of their doubts collected from weekdays practice

5. Concise, Precise and Revised Study Material matching the standards of SBI Prelims 2016?

It’s important for an institute to avail Entrance Exam preparing candidates with the highly graded study material matching the standard of the given exam. Competition Gurukul wants its candidates to be fully prepared for exam while availing them ?the best study resources to them. SBI Entrance exam is a well formulated exam which demands study material of its matching standard and we have tried to avail such standardized material to our candidates


??21Madhav Rajput


15Ravi Singh

“Competition Gurukul ?? SBI Clerical Coaching ?? experience ???? ?? ????? ???|Short Duration ?? ??? Banking ?????? Program ????? ?? ?? ???? ????|”

“Its quite a fantastic and fruitful course for Banking Exam aspirants. I recommend Competition Gururkul’s SBI Clerical Coaching Program to Bank candidates” “I found the Competition Gururkul’s SBI Clerical Prelims Classroom Coaching Program quite helpful and productive when i cracked my SBI exam in 2015”


20Karan Gulati

Next time!
It will be you


“?? ????? Competition Gurukul ?? SBI Clerical Coaching Program join ???? ?? ?? ????? ???? ???? ?? ?? ??? SBI ?? exam clear ?? ??????| ????? ?? program ???? ??? ???? ?????? ????? ???| Thank You Competition Gurukul”? “I owe my success in SBI Clerical Entrance exam 2015 to Competition Gurukul and it’s faculty, coaching program setup and concept development sessions in such a short time.?” _________________

The Demo classes for fresh batches of SBI Clerical Prelims?Entrance-2016?have started. You can register your slot for demo class on the contact information given at the end of this blog

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Banking Awareness Practice Set-1 On RBI & It’s Structure


1. The headquarters of local boards of RBI are located at__
a. Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai
b. Jaipur, Mumbai, Mysore and Chennai
c. Ahmedabad, Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai
d. Ahmedabad, Mumbai, New Delhi and Jaipur

Answer: Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai

Image result for blog images of rbi headquarter
i. RBI has the headquarters of its local bodies in?Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai.
ii. The members of the local boards of RBI are appointed by the Central Government for a term of four years.
iii. Their main purpose is to advise the Central Board on local matters and to represent territorial and economic interests of local cooperative and indigenous banks; to perform such other functions as delegated by Central Board from time to time.


2. Under which section of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Act 1934, the RBI has the sole right to issue bank notes of all denominations?
a. Section 21 of the RBI Act 1934
b. Section 22 of the RBI Act 1934
c. Section 23 of the RBI Act 1934
d. Section 24 of the RBI Act 1934

Answer: Section 22 of the RBI Act 1934
Explanation: Under Section 22 of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Act 1934 , the RBI has the sole right to issue bank notes of all denominations. Report Error

3. How Bank Rate is different from Repo rate?
a. While Repo Rate is a short-term measure, Bank Rate is a long-term measure
b. While Bank Rate is a short-term measure, Repo Rate is a long-term measure
c. While Repo Rate is used to control money supply, Bank Rate is used to control inflation
d. While Bank Rate is used to control money supply, Repo Rate is used to finance government debt

Answer: While Repo Rate is a short-term measure, Bank Rate is a long-term measure


4. Which among the following is NOT a subsidiary of RBI?
a. National Housing Bank
c. Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited

Answer: SIDBI

Explanation: RBI has four subsidiaries viz.
i. DICGC (Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation),
iii.National Housing Bank, and
iv. BRBNMPL (Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note?Mudran Private Limited)

5. Which of the following is not the quantitative tool of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?
a. OMO
b. Reserve ratios
c. Rationing of credit
d. Statutory Pre-emptions

Answer: Rationing of credit

Explanation:?The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) make use of certain qualitative tools to control the cost and quantity of credit which includes some important indirect tools including OMO, bank rate, SLR, CRR, repo rate, etc.

6. Under minimum reserve system, how much amount Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was required to keep in gold and foreign exchange reserves?
a. Rs.200 crore
b. Rs.220 crore
c. Rs.222 crore
d. Rs.280 crore

Answer: Rs.200 crore
Explanation:?Under minimum reserve system, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was required to keep gold and foreign exchange reserves of Rs. 200 crore, of which Rs. 115 crore in gold and Rs. 85 crore in foreign exchange form.

7. Which of the following is NOT a function of Reserve Bank of India?
a. Controls the credit operations of banks through quantitative and qualitative tools
b. Lender of the last resort
c. Holds cash reserves of all the scheduled banks
d. Manages Credit Rating of Banks

Answer: Manages Credit Rating of Banks
Explanation: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was established on April 1, 1935 in accordance with the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934.

8. Which among the following is most important functions being done by SLR in recent times??
a. Control of Inflation
b. Cushion against bank failures
c. Financing Government deficits
d. Adjustment of liquidity

Answer: Financing Government deficits

9. Under which of the following rates, the banks avail long term loans from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) by putting no collateral securities?

a. Bank rate
b. Repo rate
c. Reserve repo rate
d. Marginal Standing Facility

Answer: Bank rate


Competition Gurukul is a premier institute for Banking Exam Coaching. You can visit our center to register your slot for fresh batches. You will be guided by our counsellor from Monday to Saturday at scheduled timing of 9 AM to 8 PM.

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Yes! You Can Crack SSC Exam

SSC (Staff Selection Commission) exam is country’s one of the most searched exam for the aspirants in the recent years. This exam provides an opportunity to the candidates for getting recruited for various lucrative posts in various Ministries and departments coming under the?Government of India. The SSC exams are?conducted as CGL (Combined Graduate Level) which has very moderate syllabus to prepare but the level of questioning in exams could vary from easy to moderate to tougher one. The SSC exam is conducted into three tiers:


  • Tier 1 is a general?competitive exam with 200 multiple choice questions to be done in 2 hour A.General Intelligence + Reasoning – 50 marks
    B.Gen.Awareness-50 marks
    C. Quantitative Aptitude ? 50 marks
    D. English Comprehension – 50 marks
    For VH and candidates suffering from Cerebral Palsy: 2 hours 40 minutes
  • Tier 2 is the next level of SSC exam for the qualified candidates of Tier 1 exam which is divided into two different papers of worth 400 Marks:
    I. Quantitative Abilities : 200 marks (100 Questions)
    Duration: 2 hours.?For VH and candidates suffering from Cerebral Palsy: 2 hours 40 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?minutes wherever eligible.II.?English Language & Comprehension: 200 marks (100 Questions)
    Duration : 2 hours.?For VH and candidates suffering from Cerebral Palsy:2 hours 40 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?minutes?wherever eligible.
  • Tier-3 is the final stage of SSC exam where the qualified candidates of Tier-1 exam are shortlisted for Interview of worth 100 Marks



Reasoning section asked in SSC Exam is not as tough as the quantitative section since the candidate do not have to?apply any methodology to get an answer for a given question. But since this exam is all about time-bounded, it is not so easy to get all answers quickly within a time frame as it tests a candidate?s skill of problem solving?and mental observation. But if a candidate is guided with tips and tricks to solve the problem in a quick review along with ample practice, he/she can easily solve the problems in a very short time during examination.


Quantitative Aptitude

SSC CGL Exam has Quantitative Aptitude in both Tier-1 (Moderate Level of Mathematics) and Tier-2 (Tough Level of Mathematics) Exam with questions asked from Basic Mathematics.?This section could be?easy and scoring only for the candidates with the?awareness of the short tricks, tips and formulas with the good amount of practice of various kinds of questions.? Here the questions are asked from topics of number systems, time and work, pipes and cisterns, percentages, partnerships, mensuration, profit and loss, probability, etc. A Candidate must purchase a good material containing past years Questions and solve them by setting time of 40 minutes.


General English

Likewise Quantitative Aptitude, SSC CGL Exam has English in both Tier-1 (Moderate Level of English) and Tier-2 (Tough Level of English) Exam. The English section?simply test the candidates understanding to the language and his/her skills of reading & grammar understanding?which cover the topics of?comprehension, grammar, ?vocabulary, etc. which demands daily reading, learning of new words and thorough working on the grammar..


General Awareness

This is the SSC Tier-1 ‘s most ?crucial section which can be easily cleared?if a candidate is regular updated to the current affairs (national, international, sports, important dates, awards, books and authors) and make sure to study general awareness subjects- History, Geography, Political Science, Economics and General Science.



Apply for SSC Assam Rifles Examination 2015

ssc recruitmentSSC (Staff Selection Commission) has recently notified Recruitment Examination 2015 for the Constable (GD) Post in NIA,?SSF, &?CAPFs, ?and Rifleman (GD) through the Assam Rifles Examination. The interested aspirants who consider themselves eligible for the post must apply at the soonest on or before February 23, 2015. The dates for various important activities as conferred by SSC are as follows:
1.?Filling of Online Application ?: ?January 24, 2015
2.?Last Date for Online Filling of Application for Part-I ? : ??February 21, 2015
3.?Last Date for Online Filling of Application for Part-II ?: ??February 23, 2015
4.?Written Examination Date ?: ?October 4, 2014

The aspirants would be delighted to know that the number of vacancies declared for the post of Constable and Riflemen?are huge this time, that is of 62390 vacancies as compared to the past recruitment. Further, the pay scale is also very lucrative as of?Rs 5200-20200+Grade Pay Rs 2000.?If the aspirants are provided good coaching, they can easily crack ?the exam and can get the government?job of Constable and Riflemen.?

Competition Gurukul is?a premier coaching institute for SSC, Banking & General Competition Examination.?We provide quality coaching to the aspirants of various competitive examinations in Quantitative Aptitude (General Mathematics), English Language , Logical Reasoning &?General Intelligence, and General Awareness & Current Affairs. We assure?qualitative coaching with best results to the aspirants at very moderate fee.

You can visit our website? you can contact us at 011-65495934,?9015596280 ?to enroll in our coaching institute for the best results.

Detailed Notification

Visit the link Notification.pdf



Competition Gurukul Coaching Institute for SSC, Banking, Gov. Jobs Exams in Delhi

Competition Gurukul is impairing its training for the students preparing for General and Competition preparation for their Courses from IP Universities. Competition Gurukul is the only institute which provide the helps to the students of Polytechnic, Hotel management, BCA of various Universities & Polytechnics

?????????????????????????? Competition Gurukul also provides best in the class training for the students of SSC, Banking, PO Exams, Railway, Metro, Delhi Police & Others Entrance Exams.

?????????????????????? We also provide the interview tips & techniques for clearing the interviews for these Exams with Confidence so that come out with Success