5 Reasons to take B.Ed Coaching at Competition Gurukul

Competition Gurukul?is a ultimate destination for the candidates seeking coaching in?B.Ed Entrance Test.?We, at Competition Gurukul provides all necessary coaching facilities along with proper counselling that help the candidate to train, tame and nurture their capability to crack the entrance exam with meritorious scorecard.image

The are five reasons?that we let candidates to know how magnificently?they can prepare for B.Ed Entrance Exam with 100 per cent success guarantee from Competition Gurukul ?as compared to other coaching institutes in the market:

1. Highly Qualified, trained and Experienced Teachers

Competition Gurukul feels very privileged to have a panel of highly qualified, experienced and trained teachers and experts that carry the task of coaching and preparing candidates of B.Ed Entrance test in smooth, comprehensive and innovative ways that not only help candidates in concept building but also make?b.ed

them, to inculcate the virtue of problem solving in them that assures their guaranteed success in the EntranceTest

2. Slow Beginning but Gradual Covering of Syllabus

We at Competition Gurukul? understand that every Candidate have their own capability of grasping and learning the concepts. Hence, we have developed a Common Minimum Coaching Programme?for all candidates which involves slow beginning followed by gradual development in imparting concepts of the syllabus to candidates to help them learning the things easily and get hold over the concepts frequently.


?3. Weekly Assignments and Regular Tests after Completion of Each Concept?

Competition Gurukul believe in the success of Candidates and hence it’s utmost important to assess their performance and understanding to the Subjects. Hence, we provide weekly assignments to the candidates so that they can make sure to study the concepts thoroughly at home at weekends and answer the questions of assignment to check their knowledge in the subjects


We held 15 Minutes Mock test at the completion of of each topic before the start of the next topic at Competition Gurukul. A set of 5 Mock Drill Test Series are conducted by us at the end of the course to make a perfect revision and assessment of Candidates before going into the Examination Hall of B.Ed Entrance Test.

4. Lifetime Free Doubt Classes

Lifetime Free Demo Class Programme is a special feature of our B.Ed Entrance Teat Coaching Programme where we allow the Candidates to come with their doubts in a weekly held Doubt Sessions at Competition Gurukul. In this doubt session classes, even the passed out candidates can also attend the class along with the fresh ongoing candidates


5. Use of Digital Technologies to Impart Lectures in Class & Unique, Authentic Lecture Notes & Study Materials

Competition Gurukul is a?subsidiary Coaching Institute of the Balujalabs IT?Institute?which provides Certified Courses in Computer Languages and IT field. Hence, it’s natural that we make use of Information Technology to make Coaching Programme more effective and reliable. We impart Lectures through visual projectors at the time when the concept is quite dodgy, complicated and difficult to understand.


Our teachers make use of their wit, knowledge and vast experience to dictate the notes in class. In addition to this, we provide free practice material to let candidates to make ample preparation for B.Ed Entrance Tests

For the free demo classes, you can contact us by calling at?011 65495934,?9015596280 or you could send SMS ?COMHELP? to 9716942388 or you can visit our website?www.competitiongurukul.in

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