Just Preparing At Home For CTET Exam is not Sufficient. You require more?

CTET Exam is one of the standard exam conducted by CBSE which has been approved by Ministry of HRD of Government of India for the sole purpose of recruiting ?eligible & trained? teachers in Educational Institutions like Government schools. Today various private institutions are also considering CTET as a standard mean to recruit teachers in their esteem institutions. Hence, the preparation for CTET Exam demands both preparing with theoretical as well as training aspect.




Various candidates argue that they can study & prepare for CTET by themselves at home. This can be their personal decision but overall the facts and figures are very clear & straightforward in this regard that the number of candidates who qualified CTET Exam last year were around 13, 00o (out of 7 lakh candidates appeared for the Exam) and the candidates who qualified CTET Exam by studying at home by themselves were exceptionally least. There are various reasons that the study made for CTET by candidates through the,selves at home do not find success assurance in qualifying CTET exams. Few of such reasons are discussed below:

1. Rising Standard of the CTET exam in the Passing Years

CTET Exam is meant to recruit ?eligible & trained? teachers for Government Educational institutions approved by Ministry of HRD of Government of India. Obviously, the level of questioning of CTET paper are made quite analytical & objective which demand shear understanding of the environment & challenges of teaching field at school level in India. This can be critically analysed through right experience & discussion with experts who can share their experiences to make the things clear. This can?t be experienced by sitting & preparing at home only.

2. Regular Changes observed in the level of CTET Questions each successive year

As the number of candidates appearing for CTET Exam have been growing each successive years, the level of CTET questions are also made tougher every time. The candidates require guidance from experts to solve such questions effectively & need new set of questions to prepare themselves for Exam. Such things can?t be made available for themselves by candidates through preparation at home. At home, candidate can practice only fixed set of questions again & again. But new set of questions & regular doub clearance can happen only in ?a competent classroom.

3. Teacher Training & Live Field Experience

CTET solely emphasizes the generation of trained & competent teachers. This require clear understanding & experience of the teaching field. In a democratic & competent classroom, there is a greater scope for group discussion, varied views & an expert teacher?s intervention with his own experiences which can play a great role in shaping personality, behavior & conduct of a CTET candidate & thus helpful while solving pedagogy related CTET questions.

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