Delhi Police/SI/ASI History Chapter on Mahajanpadas


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The Mahajanpadas

  • His mother (Mahamaya, of Kosala dynasty) died after 7 days of his birth. Brought up by stepmother
  • Married at 16 to Yoshodhara. Enjoyed the married life for 13 years and had a son named Rahula
  • After seeing an old man, a sick man, a corpse and an ascetic, he decided to become a wanderer.
  • Left his palace at 29 (with Channa, the charioteer and his favourite horse, Kanthaka) in search of truth (also called ?Mahabhinishkramana? or The Great Renunciation) and wandered for 6?years.
  • He first meditated with Alara But he was not convinced that man could obtain liberation from sorrow by mental discipline and knowledge. His next teacher was Udraka Ramputra. He then joined forces? with ?five ascetics- Kondana, Vappa, Bhadiya, Mahanama and Assagi, who were practicing the most rigorous self- mortification in the hope of wearing away their karma and obtaining final bliss.

  • For six years he tortured himself until he was nothing but a walking But after six years, he felt that his fasts and penance had been useless. So he abandoned these things. The five disciples also left him.
  • Attained ?Nirvana? or ?Enlightenment? at 35 at Gaya in Magadha (Bihar) under the Pipal
  • Delivered the first sermon at Sarnath where his five disciples had His first sermon is called ?Dharmachakrapravartan? or ?Turning of the Wheel of Law?.
  • Attained Mahaparinirvana at Kushinagar (identical with village Kasia in Deoria district of UP) in 483 BC at the age of 80 in the Malla


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