CTET Study Material for English Pedagogy – Theories of Language Acquisition

The concept of language acquisition revolves around two dynamics – nature vs. nurture. Language acquisition also depends upon?the influences of language learning , sometimes biological influences re also considered. NEED FOR RECEPTIVE LANGUAGE BEFORE LEARNING LANGUAGE INFLUENCE OF ENVIRONMENT ON LANGUAGE ACQUISITION NEURAL NETWORKS Neural networks, or Computer Models have been created by some cognitive […]

CTET Study Material For English Language – Chapter-1

NEED FOR A LANGUAGE Language is difficult to define but one thing is sure that it is not synonymous with the concept of communication. There can be various ways to communicate without using language. Example:- ?Raising an eyebrow. But such kind of act is not always justifiable to communicate a message. We do require a […]


Students who are ?enrolled for the feb 2016 ctet exams now its high time to study.Competition gurukul advise to the students of the ctet is to cover the books of NCERT of the particular classes as per thier syllabus for getting success in the exams.The next CTET exam date is 21 FEB 2016 which is […]