Reading Comprehension Strategy & Practice Set-1 for SSC/Bank/Other Exams

Reading Comprehension is a test of an examiner’s reading skill and his/her understanding for the matter under stud. For efficient and effective result in reading comprehension in exam, a candidate is required to keep few things in mins: Always start reading the questions first from passage instead of reading the whole passage again and again. […]

SSC/Delhi Police/SI/ASI/Sarkari Naukri Know the Ten Gurus of Sikhs

1. Guru Nanak Dev Ji Sikhism belongs to a religious sect founded by Guru Nanak (1469 ? 1539). His main teachings were the faith in one true Lord, the worship of the Name and the necessity of a Guru in the worship of the name. 2.?Guru Angad?Dev Ji After his death, Guru Angad (1539 ? […]

Banking Practice Set on Credit Card, Visa or Bank Card

1. What do you mean by an Affinity Card while talking in reference to bank__ a. The Credit Cards that are linked to special organizations b. The Credit Cards with zero interest rate on repayments c. The Credit Cards exclusively for the Bank?s employees d. All of above Answer:?Option a 2. Name the credit card […]

Target IBPS Exam 2015: Banking Awareness Practice Set

Competition Gurukul is presenting the practice set on Banking Awareness in this blog in order to?give the final touch to Banking Exam 2015 Aspirants. This practice set is valid for IBPS, IBPS PO and RRB. 1. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding RTGS system? i) The transactions take place in real time ii) […]

English Tips & tricks on Articles for Banking , SSC, and General Competition Exams

Definition The adjectives a, an and the are called Articles. Types of Articles Articles are basically categorized into two broad categories A.?Indefinite article?A/An B.?Definite article?The Use of Indefinite Article?A/An a. An is usually used before a word beginning with a?vowel sound For example (i) Radha is an intelligent girl. (ii) He is an MP. ? […]