Fresh batches for IBPS PO & Clerical Nov/Dec-2016 Exam Coaching

Competitition Gurukul brings you fresh batches for IBPS PO & Clerical Nov/Dec-2016 exam coaching program. These batches are started with an aim to provide quality and result oriented coaching for the IBPS PO and Clerk CWE-2016?aspirants. The batch timings are kept as per candidates’ convenience ?- 10 am to 12 pm in morning?and 6:00 pm […]

Banking Awareness Practice Set on Banking Structure in India

Banking Structure in India? 1. What is the current number of Local Area Banks in India? a. Four b. Seven c. Eight d. Six Answer: Four Explanation: As of May 2015, these four local area banks are: 1.Coastal Local Area Bank Ltd ? Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh) 2.Capital Local Area Bank Ltd ? Phagwara (Punjab) 3.Krishna […]

Banking Practice Set on Credit Card, Visa or Bank Card

1. What do you mean by an Affinity Card while talking in reference to bank__ a. The Credit Cards that are linked to special organizations b. The Credit Cards with zero interest rate on repayments c. The Credit Cards exclusively for the Bank?s employees d. All of above Answer:?Option a 2. Name the credit card […]

Banking Practice Set on History of Banking in India

1. The first bank of India ?Bank of Hindustan? was established in which year? a. 1870 b. 1770 c. 1795 d. 1880 Answer: ?1770 Explanation: Bank of Hindustan was the first bank in India that was established in 1770 and it was opened at Calcutta under European nation authority. Amazingly, Bank of Hindustan was liquidated […]

Target IBPS Exam 2015: Banking Awareness Practice Set

Competition Gurukul is presenting the practice set on Banking Awareness in this blog in order to?give the final touch to Banking Exam 2015 Aspirants. This practice set is valid for IBPS, IBPS PO and RRB. 1. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding RTGS system? i) The transactions take place in real time ii) […]

What Is Repo Rate? – Check Your Banking Awareness

The questions related to repo rate & reverse repo rate are always asked in exam. So they are considered as the HOT TOPICSS of any Bank exam – whether IBPS, SBI, NABARD etc. Do you Know what the situation would be if banks run out of money? We know that is a very difficult situation […]

Important Educational Institutional Bodies in India

Important Educational Institutional Bodies in India ???? ??? ?????????? ??????? ???????? ????? Higher Education in India is one of the largest and oldest systems of higher education in the world Universities in India The University system has a number of different types of institutions and there are wide variations in their missions, goals and objectives. […]

English Tips & tricks on Articles for Banking , SSC, and General Competition Exams

Definition The adjectives a, an and the are called Articles. Types of Articles Articles are basically categorized into two broad categories A.?Indefinite article?A/An B.?Definite article?The Use of Indefinite Article?A/An a. An is usually used before a word beginning with a?vowel sound For example (i) Radha is an intelligent girl. (ii) He is an MP. ? […]

IBPS Sept 2015 Data Interpretation & Analysis Tips & Tricks

Data Analysis & Interpretation is always considered most challenging part of IBPS PO, SI PO & other banking exam.??The weightage and number of questions on an average asked in any bank exam are described in tabular form below: S. No. Topic Weightage 1. Pie Charts 10-15 2. Bar Graphs 5-10 3. Line Graphs 5-10 4. […]

Quantitative Aptitude 2015 Material For IBPS PO / SBI PO

Competition Gurukul?has provided the latest updated study material for IBPS Exam 2015 in concise & precise manner to make last days quick revision. The topics which are covered in this blog are as follows: 1. Number System 2. H.C.F. And L.C.M. 3. Decimal Fractions 4. Simplification 5. Square Roots And Cube Roots 6. Average 7. […]