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ARMY NURSING ASSISTANT (Coaching Cum Training Programme)

ARMY NURSING ASSISTANT entrance exam is one of the highly anticipated and aspired examinations in India which offers the aspirants a large number of government job opportunities.

Competiton gurukul Coaching for recruitment . Competition gurukul institute is the best coaching center for NURSING ASSISTANT in delhi India. Army Technical carry out selection and enrolment of Army,

Competition gurukul is a fine and promising institute for Army NURSING ASSISTANT coaching and our selection 95%. It provides all necessary resources of coaching for cracking Army NURSING ASSISTANT exam with marvelous ranking. The quality of coaching that competition gurukul provides is unique in various ways:

  1. The syllabus is covered in specified duration with larger focus on concept development, knowledge building, through trick fusion frequent practice of formulas, facts and figures.
  2. Wisely revised and highly graded study material.
  3. Interactive, practical and sound approach conducted in classroom by highly qualified knowledge and dynamic professional teachers and experts.
  4. Regular test and assessment as well as marks record keeping and maintenance system.
  5. Time to time notification of various declared exams and guidance to farm filling.



Part Subject Question Maximum Marks
A. G.K 10 40
B. Chemistry 15 60
C Mathematics 5 20
C Biology 15 60
C Physics 5 20
  Total Marks   200

Physical Fitness Test (PTF)& Medical Standards

Test Name Details
Run 1.6 Km in 6 Min
Squat Ups (Uthak Baithak). 20
Push 20
Height 169cms
Chest Minimum 5 cms Expansion

Post Category


Age limit

Soldier Nursing assistant (Army Medical Corps)

10+2 with science stream and Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English with minimum 50% marks aggregate and 40% marks in each or in case, have graduation degree with Botany / Zoology / Bio-Science and English than XII marks will be waived off.

17 ½ – 23 Yrs

Syllabus Nursing Assistant for Mathematics


Natural numbers, integers, fractions, rational/irrational numbers, decimal fractions, HCF & LCM, square root, ratio and proportion, percentages, averages, profit & loss, simple and compound interest.


Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of algebraic expressions, HCF & LCM, factorization, simple equations, surds, indices, logarithms, Solution of linear equations of two and three variables.

Ratio and proportion meaning and standard form, roots and discriminate of a quadratic equation ax2 + bx + c = 0;


Area and Volume

Area of four walls of a room, area of a circle, sector and segment of a circle; surface area and volume of cube, cuboids cone, cylinder, sphere.


Trigonometric ratios of an angle A of a right angle triangle, Simple applications of trigonometric ratios for solving problems of different types, Simple identities based upon the above.

lems through problem algorithm


Motion, Force and Energy

Matter Physical measurements, scalar and vector quantities. Simple machines, structure of matter.


Motion and displacement , uniform and non-uniform motion, speed and velocity, acceleration, equations of motion-derivation and simple numerical.


Meaning of force, inertia of a body, Newton’s laws of motion, momentum, relationship between forces, acceleration and mass of an object-simple numerical based on these.


Newton’s law of gravitation, free-fall and acceleration due to gravity, simple pendulum and restoring force, relationship between length and time period.

Work and Energy

Energy, mechanical energy – potential and kinetic – their formulae, concept of work, work done by a constant force, relation between work and energy, simple numerical on work and energy.


Reflection, law of reflection, refraction, law of refraction, refraction through prisms, lenses and optical instruments, simple and compound microscope.


Heat as a form of energy, mechanical work and heat, heat and temperature, measurement of temperature, idea of Celsius and Fahrenheit scales and their conversion, specific heat, simple numerical based on it. Idea of conversion of heat into work and viceversa, meaning of mechanical equivalent of heat – its determination by Joule’s experiment. External and internal combustion engine.


Matter-Nature and Behaviour

Nature and behaviour

Different types of substances, elements, compounds and their mixtures, Structure of matter. Atomic theory, molecules and atoms; Structure of atomelectrons, protons and neutrons, Composition of nucleus – atomic number and mass number, Valence electrons and valency.

Preparation and properties of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon-di-oxide.

Oxidation and Reduction, Acid, bases and salts.

Electrochemical cell

construction of a simple voltaic cell; working of an electrochemical cell; lead storage battery and dry cell.

Classification of elements

Similarities and dissimilarities in the properties of some elements. Periodic law, periods and groups, gradation of properties of elements along a period and in the groups.

Carbon and its compounds

Introduction, allotropies of carbon and their occurrence, structure, related property and uses. Hydrocarbon and their elementary structure, related property and uses, simple compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and their uses.

Petroleum products, introductory account of synthetic fibres, plastics, rubber, soaps and detergents.

Extraction of metals

Metals and non-metals; occurrence, general metallurgical operations for extraction of pure metal, properties of metals and some alloys, uses of metals and non-metals, their compounds.

Chemical bond

Formation of ionic and covalent bonds, important properties of electrovalent and covalent compounds.


Movement of ions during electrolysis; relationship between current, time and amount of metal deposited during electrolysis; electroplating.

Natural Resources


Water as a natural resources, origin of life in water as medium for the activity of the living, water as solvent, saturated and unsaturated solution, sea water as habitat of organism, salts from oceans, ocean current, use of water Dependence of man on natural resources – minerals from earth metals and non-metals, use of non metals.


Role of atmosphere in protection from radiation, composition of atmosphere, water and particulate matter in atmosphere, carbon dioxide and its adverse effect on living organisms, role of trees, release of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels and automobiles, corrosion of metals, damage of historical monuments from acidic gases, toxic effects of metallic particles, asbestos etc on living organisms carbon monoxide and its ill effects, smog, air pollution noise pollution and its effects on human beings


  1. Uint of Light
  2. Human Health and Diseases
  3. Human Physiolgy
  4. Plant Physiolgy
  5. Biochemistry

General Awareness

  1. Culture and Religion, Geography : Soil, Rivers, Mountains, Ports, Inland Harbours, Freedom Movement.
  2. Sports : Championships/ Winners/ Terms/ No of Players, Defence, Wars and Neighbours, current Affairs.
  3. Important National Facts about IndiaHeritage, Arts, Dance, History, National-Languages, Bird, Animal, Song, Flag, Monuments, Capitals & Currencies.
  4. Common Names, Full forms and Abbreviations, Discoveries, Diseases and Nutrition, Award and Authors, Eminent Personalities.
  5. Spatial, Numerical, Reasoning & Associative Ability, Sequences, Spellings Unscrambling, Coding and Decoding


Hostal facility is available for out students with meals . hostal charges are on fallows:

Hostal charge Rs 7000/monthly

Open: 24 hr.

:-20%Discount under 200 Students

10% discount for Army Family And farmer Family

contact-us :-7533015002


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